Tips for Finding Talking Parrots for Sale Near Me

Parrots make wonderful pets – they are intelligent, social, and often very vocal. For those seeking a talking parrot companion, finding birds locally for sale that are hand-fed and well-socialized can be a rewarding but challenging endeavor. With some research and preparation, you can locate reputable breeders and sellers to adopt a healthy baby parrot with talking potential. This article provides tips for finding talking parrots for sale in your area.

Check Local Pet Stores

Many nationwide and local pet store chains carry young, captive-bred parrots that make good talkers when well-socialized. African grey parrots, Amazon parrots, conures, quaker parrots, cockatiels, and even large macaws can often be purchased in-store if you visit frequently for new inventory. Let the staff know what you’re looking for – tame, hand-fed babies that are just weaned make the best candidates. Inspect the store thoroughly for cleanliness and proper bird care before purchasing.

Search Online Bird Marketplaces

There are many online classifieds sites and marketplaces for connecting with local bird breeders and sellers. Search sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, and Hoobly with keywords like “talking parrot” and your city or region. Browse frequently for new posts. Be wary of sellers who seem impersonal, deal only in cash, or want to complete transactions off the site. Prioritize those who welcome questions and allow you to interact with the bird first.

Attend a Bird Fair

Well-run bird fairs and expos can be great places to meet reputable parrot breeders with babies for sale. These events allow you to ask questions in person and often interact with tame young parrots. Bird fair organizers should screen sellers and have policies against selling wild-caught or sick birds. Be prepared to make a purchase, as the best young hand-fed babies get scooped up quickly. Arrive early and with cash in case credit cards are not accepted by all vendors.

Contact Local Breeders

One of the best sources for a young, healthy, well-socialized parrot is an aviary that specializes in the species you’re looking for. African grey, Amazon, and macaw breeders often have waiting lists for their tame babies. Search online directories like the American Federation of Aviculture and Avian Welfare Coalition for breeder contacts in your state, read reviews, ask questions about their breeding and hand-feeding practices, and request photos/videos of the parents and chicks. This approach takes more effort but increases the odds of finding an ideal companion parrot.

Check Animal Shelters and Rescues

While adopting an older rescue bird can be very rewarding, a young hand-fed baby or juvenile is ideal if your heart is set on a talking parrot. But it’s still worth checking to see if any local shelters or parrot rescues have any promising candidates. Call or search their sites for younger birds listed as hand-tame and vocal. African greys, cockatoos, Amazons, conures, caiques, and even cockatiels often arrive at shelters through no fault of their own and deserve a second chance.

Join Parrot Owner Groups

Connecting with other parrot enthusiasts can help you learn of available birds before they are advertised. Search for parrot clubs and owner groups on websites like or Facebook that host in-person events and discussions. Explain that you are looking for a young, hand-fed talking parrot and ask if anyone has leads on breeders with babies or young birds needing rehoming. Often these close-knit bird communities are quick to assist.

Attend Bird Training Seminars

Organizations that host parrot care and training seminars are excellent sources of breeder and seller referrals from the expert presenting. Attendees are typically owned by parrot enthusiasts who may be breeders themselves or have leads. For example, the Parrot Universe seminars hosted by bird trainer Barbara Heidenreich draw parrot owners who may have info on talking baby parrots for sale locally. Connect with attendees before, after, and during breaks to explain what you’re looking for.

Consult a Veterinarian

An avian vet (especially one that makes house calls) routinely interacts with parrot owners and breeders. They may have clients looking to rehome young parrots or leads on where you might find a healthy hand-fed baby. Some veterinary offices even have bulletin boards where pet owners can post rehoming classifieds. At your bird’s next checkup or new consultation, explain you hope to adopt a young talking parrot. Vets want birds to go to good homes and will often point owners your way.


Finding a young hand-fed parrot with talking potential available for local purchase requires persistence and an investigative approach. But connecting with breeders, stores, fairs, clubs, sellers, and avian experts can help turn up promising leads in your area. With proper expectations, research, patience and preparation, your dream companion talking parrot awaits discovery. Stay positive through the search process to manifest the perfect feathered match.

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